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Hui steel mesh professional manufacturers

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Provide reliable mesh quality products
The user is supreme,Each case is fine
High cost performance / Compared to the savings15%—20%
Has its own factory production,The same quality better cost performance

Products can be recycled,In line with international environmental standards completely according to the actual engineering demand,To minimize costs
Products are widely used in enterprises and institutions to government、Being the local projects,Quality is reliable,High quality sample to the customer to confirm,Let customer satisfaction

Authoritative enterprise certification and technical support
Each big retail enterprises designated suppliers

Safe and reliable、The construction of high efficiency、On the basis of imported equipment,Professional production personnel,To ensure long service life25Years,Technical support to the authorities。

Three certificates complete The real thing!
My company's business license、Organization code certificate、The tax registration certificate is complete

Steel is approved by the state industrial and commercial bureau,Our factory always adhere to customer first、The principle of quality first,For the new and old customers with qualified products。

3Within minutes,3Days to complete delivery
Quick quotation speed,Allows you to best advantage in the competition

Hui steel have many years of perforated metal products production and sales experience,Company sales department has a professional product quotation,Can be in3Clock within the quote;Quick quotation can let you in the middle of the competition advantage;The product can be3Days to complete delivery。

Steel high quality technical services team
Provide technical support for you free of charge,Let you look easy

In order to better serve the masses of customers,Hui steel company can according to your actual condition to provide the corresponding mesh size of the products,Field detailed design scheme,Let you buy the rest assured,With comfort!


  Anpingxian send wire mesh products co., LTD is located in wire mesh production base,With China's"Silk screen of the township"Reputation of the territory of hebei anpingxian,Our factory specializing in the production of various kinds of mesh, etc,The company has professional and technical personnel,Advanced production technology,Research and development strength。I plant production of major products are:Square hole punching plate、Round hole perforated plate、Diamond hole punching plate、Scales hole punching plate、Rectangular mesh perforated plate、Cross hole punching plate、Hexagonal hole punching plate、Eight hole punching plate、Triangle hole punching plate、Pentagram hole punching plate、Perforated plate、Stainless steel mesh、Galvanized mesh、Aluminum plate mesh、Mesh deep processing and so on。

  With the progress of production technology,I plant production of punching wonder to the domestic industry leading level,Sell well at home and abroad,Exported to South Korea、Japan、Canada、The United States and other dozens of countries and regions,Its quality has won the domestic and foreign customers consistent high praise。

  The company in line with me"The good faith management,People-oriented"The principle of,With a number of enterprises established long-term relations of cooperation,I plant all the staff warmly welcome friends from all walks of life come to visit、Business negotiations。

Anpingxian send wire mesh products co., LTD
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The company by fax:0318-7978867
Contacts:Manager zhang
Address:Hengshui, hebei anpingxian city development zone

Anpingxian send wire mesh products co., LTD

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A mobile phone:13315858867 13831828867 The phone company:0318-7978867The company by fax:0318-7978867
Company Contacts:Manager zhang Address:Hengshui, hebei anpingxian city development zone

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